The Cars of Australia

If you live in Australia, or if you have visited this country in the past, you may recognise the below-discussed cars. We have compiled a fascinating list of cars that have defined and become part of the enviable Australian culture:

  • 1975 Sandman; this car was bold, colourful and targeted at younger demographics. It was intended to be a useful vehicle for stacking surfboards, and its bucket seats and sleek design made it a must-have across the country, especially with it’s 4.2 or 5.0-litre V8 engine.
  • Chrysler Valiant; having made its debut in 1962, this trusty steed may have been American, but was almost born to be an Australian car, as it held up well and was durable enough to withstand the Australian rugged road conditions.
  • BMW CSi Coupe; German made, so how could it possibly be an Australian staple? This car is crucial to Australian culture as it was a predominant and big winner in the Australian Touring Championship, as well as the Endurance Championship, in 1985. This makes it an iconic Australian legacy.
  • Holden Monaro; this might be the icon to beat. The GTS 327 Bathurst version of the car is a race car at heart with a sedan design. The fuel tank was increased to accommodate some hardcore racing and handling. The v8 block engine was another notable feature.
  • Ford Falcon; this was where the Holden and Ford feud began, back in 1967. The car washed up on the shores of Australia looking like a sedan version of the oh so familiar Mustang.
  • Holden A Commodore; surprise, surprise, another Holden on the list. This is a car that was created by the dynamic duo of Holden and Peter Brock himself.
  • Mazda RX-7 (1987); this car made several appearances at Bathhurst and other regional tracks, after being brought and introduced to Australia by Allan Moffat, who saw the potential of this car, the minute he drove it over in the US.
  • Datsun SX; the Aussies refer lovingly to this car as the “Datto” which was a notorious car of the boomer generation. Comparable to a Corolla or Honda Civic, this car is not fancy, but it sure is resistant and reliable and was comfortable for the whole family.
  • Gibson GTR; this Nissan-built car was right smack dab in the middle of the Holden and Ford feud, keeping things interesting. This car had four-wheel drive, a six-cylinder engine and many other incredible features for the time.
  • Holden Torana; this car came in many different shapes, sizes, colours and trims. Their big V8 engines, sleek design and unique colour schemes made them an extremely hot commodity in and outside of the racing community.

These are undoubtedly the most iconic cars ever to hit the shores of Australia. Most of them are known for their racing appearances or wins, but many of them also merely for their notoriety on the streets of different regions of Australia. Cars, overall, are a big part of Australian culture even today and will continue to be.