The Automotive Market in Australia

Automotive Market in Australia

The car and automotive market in Australia is very unique and has evolved and devolved over the past few decades. Ford, Holden, Nissan and even Mitsubishi were traditionally the more popular car brands among Aussies but the world has become more accessible and car prices have permitted the increase of sales of other brands as well.

One interesting thing that is considered by those looking to sell in the Australian market is the prominence of females. In fact, studies have shown that over 80% of car purchases are made by or, at the very least, influenced by women. Ford was the first to recognize how important female consumers are in the Australian market and made a car in 1980’s that was specifically designed for women, and not just any women, Australian women. It was as detailed as to consider flooring that would not scuff heeled shoes and a place for handbags to hang (and not be tossed on the floor).

Another consideration that is required before entering the Australian market is that Australians don’t shop the same way as Europeans or Americans; they rely on and trust online sources and reviews as opposed to having to visit the dealership to believe it for themselves. These customers preferences are also ever changing. The market is one of the most competitive globally with the access to digital information and statistics being one of the main reasons for this. Not only is it competitive but so many people own cars, it has one of the highest ownership rates in the world. Consumers have lifestyles that are more conducive with driving in Australia whereas many North American cities find public transportation to be a more chosen means.

Popular Cars

So, with all of that to say, in a market as saturated, informed and competitive as Australia’s, what are the most popular cars? Let’s take a closer look:

  • Toyota Hilux; This truck has been the number one selling vehicle in Australia as well as the number 1 pickup in Europe. There were over 4200 sold in August alone. Perhaps it is so popular because of its durability, ability to withstand the rugged outback and conditions of driving in Australia or maybe it is the impressive fuel efficiency. It could also be the way that it looks and handles and the wide array of colors that it comes in
  • Ford Ranger; Not surprisingly, the second most popular vehicle in Australia is also a truck. The impressive and advanced technology and features of this truck have certainly been helpful in boosting and maintaining its market share and popularity
  • Toyota Corolla; popular more among the city slickers, this car has been around forever and is both reliable and affordable. It is cheap to ensure and to maintain as well making it a popular choice for first time buyers, younger and more senior drivers as well. The car has a sporty look and feel and comes in so many vibrant colours that it is hard not to love it
  • Mazda3; Known to be a longstanding car and a trusty steed, this car is popular for its low cost, nice look and fantastic reputation
  • Hyundai i30; This award winning car is a small car with a big heart. It is well made, looks great and is a sporty car great for surfers and suit and tie lovers alike. The car comes in different trims and different colours but is a great vehicle overall
  • Mazda CX-5; another Mazda? It may surprise you to see two of these Japanese made work horses on an Australian list but the cars are simply so reliable and affordable that it is hard to beat. The CX-5 is great for hauling heavy loads but also makes a great family vehicle. Its versatility is a huge driver of its popularity
  • Hyundai Tucson; scoring well in terms of safety, this car is a popular pick as a reliable family vehicle. The features are diverse and plentiful and the price tag of the car isn’t too steep; it is great value for your money
  • Holden Commodore; a classic, truly! This car may not be as popular as it once was, but it certainly is still held in high regard by the Aussies. It has some advanced and fun features like collision and blind spot alert. The design also pays homage to the traditional look and feel of the car and the brand which resonates well with car enthusiasts and older buyers who know and love the brand
  • Toyota Camry; see any trends here? The Aussies know what they love and they are true to their brand. The Camry is a great option for almost any buyer at any stage in their life because of its sporty look and feel, reasonable price and notorious reputation for being low maintenance and easy to own
  • Mitsubishi Triton; the only Mitsubishi on this list, which is a real testament to how the tastes and preferences of the Aussie consumer can and do change and evolve over time. This car has been a longtime favourite. In fact, the Triton has been around for more than 30 years and has just gotten better with age

Overall, we can see that tastes have changed and tables have turned over the years and the competitiveness and dynamic nature of the market is apparent when you look at the traction and market share that both Hyundai and Toyota have gained; something that they have not had forever and is relatively recent.