Car Racing

In Australia, motorsport is something beloved, that is followed by many individuals across the country. There are not as many Australian drivers as there are Australian participants in other sports, but there are definitely a plethora of loyal fans and followers. Australia hosts several international events, that include the Australian Grand Prix and the FIA World Rally Championship, among many others. The country has several different types of racing, from open-wheel to Formula One, but the most popular events tend to be those that include and involve touring cars.


The Supercars Championship, more formally known as the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship, is the most popular of motorsports in the country. The event is regulated by FIA rules and regulations, is an international series held annually and is similar in popularity to NASCAR races in the USA.

The event is hosted in all of Australia’s states, including the Northern part, as well as rounds being held in New Zealand, China, Bahrain, the UAE and the United States. The entire series is so popular that it is shown and watched in over 135 different countries in every corner of the world, in addition to the hundreds of thousands of attendees, who come from miles away to see the series in person.

The cars that race are custom made and inspired by saloon cars. The requirements include a 5-litre V8 engine among others, to race, enter and qualify in the series. Several manufacturers create cars specifically for this series, and for the drivers in it, including Nissan and Mercedes-Benz.

Offroad Racing

There are a few offroad events held in the Outback and throughout Australia and are popular among car and motorbike enthusiasts alike. One popular offroad event is the Australian Safari.


Proudly having hosted the internationally known World Rally Championship from 1988 to 2006, the country is known to be a great place for rally driving and racing, if that is something you are into. There is a local and national race, that is held annually, that is well attended.

Open Wheel Racing

The Formula One event known as the Australian Grand Prix is also one of the most popular events in Australia in the world of motorsports. With over 300000 people in attendance and over one million viewers across the globe, the race is extremely popular, as part of the international Formula One World Championship. The event has taken place continuously, except for WWII, since 1928, making it one of the longest standing motorsport events in the country. The event is seen as more than just a race with parties, champagne and so much more to help make the atmosphere.

Some other popular open racing events in Australia include Formula Three, Formula Four and Formula Ford.

Betting on the Races

Given the sport’s popularity in Australia, it makes sense that the Gaming Experience is also enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. Online and offline sports betting on different car races is not uncommon for these events. There are many ways to do so; many people continuing to opt for online options, because of just how easy and accessible it is, and often with a larger jackpot, due to international or wider participation among peers and fans alike. There are different requirements for different sites and events, but it is one way of getting more involved with the sport and taking the enjoyment to a new level.