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Do you have an affinity or passion for all things automotive? Well you have come to the right place. This website is a one stop shop for everything you need, want and should know about cars. Australia’s car scene is ever evolving but also has a rich history and this website pays homage to one of the country’s claim to fame and trademark sports.

What’s the history of the popularity of cars in Australia?

Great question! Scroll through the pages of this website to find out how cars became such an important part of Australian culture.

Cars that scream Australia

We have compiled a list of some of the most iconic and important cars that have and that continue to shape and embed themselves in the culture of Australia. From bright orange cars for your surfboards to the Ford that started the infamous feud with Holden, learn about and reminisce on some cool and important cars.

Car Clubs of Australia

Did you know that there are hundreds of thousands of people who are as passionate about cars and the world of automotive as you are? Learn about the hundreds of different car clubs across the country that you can join and participate in. From vintage cars to sports cars and everything in between, there are clubs all over the country for car lovers of all shapes and sizes. To learn more, keep scrolling through this website!

Racing and motorsports

Australia is known for a lot of things; rugby, friendly people, car racing, kangaroos and koala bears. Learn about the different races and types of races that take place in Australia both on a national and international level. Learn about what makes them different, which are the most popular and how to get involved in things like sports betting to get some bang for your buck!

The above topics are just a few of the things you’ll be able to read and learn more about as you scroll through our website and various pages. This site is bursting at the seams with information for car lovers and those new to the world as well!